Askia’s Revelation| The Untold Story Behind Her Break from Mr. Leo’s Label

Askia’s Revelation That Got Her Fans in Shock

Cameroonian rapper Askia, believed to be signed under Lionn Production, the record label owned by singer Mr. Leo, recently dropped a bombshell that has left fans in utter disbelief. In a candid interview with Hall of Fame TV show host Darling Lyonga, Askia revealed that she has been independent since last year. This revelation has caused quite a stir among her followers.

Struggles and Collaboration

In her heartfelt interview, she shared that despite her 13-year dedication to music, she hadn’t made any money from her craft. This financial struggle led her to team up with Mr. Leo, her former label mate. Their collaboration on Askia’s hit track “Ngarma” seemed promising and eventually led to her signing with Mr. Leo’s label.

Fan Speculation and Cryptic Posts

However, the honeymoon period didn’t last long. As months passed with no new music from Askia, fans started raising eyebrows. The plot thickened when Askia posted a cryptic message on Facebook, hinting at possible discord with the label. Although she didn’t directly address the issues, her fans began piecing together the puzzle.

Shocking Revelations

Askia has since started sharing more insights on her social media. One of the most shocking revelations is that fans have been attributing her hard work and achievements to Mr. Leo. This misattribution has overshadowed her efforts, causing frustration and disappointment.

In one of her posts, she said ” “Na so una be cam last time see a girl struggling to brand herself and hold her image down after I had been on the bench for almost 4 months no action. Una cam say ehooo mr Leo don change askia hehoooo , lion music di do askia well ehoo this ehoooo that . Not knowing that a girl was calling them no di pick ei calls so te girl almost enter depression. I always try for myself but na different people di ever take the credit.  My podcast LET IT ALL OUT is almost ready. I hope y’all will open your ears well cuz mami Bakala no di tok lie…”

Upcoming Podcast and Current Status

In her upcoming podcast, aptly titled “LET IT ALL OUT,” Askia promises to spill all the details. It’s becoming increasingly clear that she is not currently affiliated with any record label, or if she is, the label isn’t actively supporting her career. Instead, she has been single-handedly managing her journey.

Recognition and Talent

Despite these challenges, Askia’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. She was recently honored with an African Magazine Music Award (AFRIMMA) in Dallas, TX in 2023, cementing her status as one of Africa’s top female rap artists.

Social Media Reactions

When Mr. Leo first signed Askia, social media was abuzz with mixed reactions. Many commentators doubted the decision, and their skepticism now seems prescient. Here are some of the comments:

  • “I knew this partnership wouldn’t last.”
  • “Askia deserves better; she’s too talented to be sidelined.”
  • “Mr. Leo should have supported her more.”

Your Thoughts

After their fallout, here’s what she posted “The most selfish person I’ve ever met. You failed my trust and failed me entirely. Selfish and stingy. Very very stingy

While some fans said she shouldn’t have brought it out like that in the open, others says she is right to have spoken up but then what are your thoughts on this unfolding drama? Are you surprised by Askia’s revelations, or did you see it coming? Let us know your impressions!

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Article by: Ngonge Meiva
Graphics by: Yuh Romeo

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